This month, the School Nutrition Association released the results of its Back-to-School 2021 Survey. While the respondents noted significant benefits to the USDA extending COVID-19 waivers through School Year 2021/22, giving schools the option to offer free meals to all students, there is still significant concerns around the upcoming school year. One of the biggest areas causing stress for school foodservice directors is the supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic (with 97% saying this is a concern, and 65% saying this is a significant concern).

With schools transitioning from pre-packed/to-go food options back to in-person, plus the uncertainty of what the school year will hold, foodservice directors are struggling to secure the foods they need to feed students. In an effort to resolve their own supply chain issues, coupled with reduced work force availability, food manufacturers have had to resort to reducing flavors, size options, slowing or halting production, and even dropping deliveries to schools.

As a manufacturer in the food industry, we know how much of a headache last-minute menu changes can be, and how important it is for schools to be able to keep students fed. When our customers needed a manufacturer to rely on, we rose to the challenge. We focused on our commitment to fulfilling orders throughout the pandemic and increased production by over 30% to meet our customers’ needs.

Through a forward-thinking approach and strong customer relationships, we were able to anticipate potential issues in our own processes and inventory to maintain a consistently strong supply chain. As the next school year starts up, we’re as focused as ever on helping schools and food service directors navigate any challenges ahead in the following ways:

  • Reliable supply chain with guaranteed ship dates, without delays. We have been fulfilling orders throughout the pandemic and are here when schools need us.
  • Baked-to-order snacks mean fresh, shelf-stable products that don’t have to be stocked.
  • Nationally available products through our strong partnerships with distributors.
  • Affordable prices that customers love, without breaking the budget.

When it comes to supply chain uncertainty, we are here to help. Browse our snacks today to see how we align with your school foodservice program: School Bid Catalog.