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As a family-owned commercial bakery, we take pride in our snacks. Each of our Appleways, Darlington and Crave-N-Rave brands offer a unique snacking experience. For added safety, freshness and convenience, all of our products are individually wrapped, shelf stable and pre-baked in a completely nut-free facility.

Our Snacks

We develop each of our recipes to align with just what you’re looking for in a tasty treat – whether it’s a breakfast bar, savory cracker, sweet crisp, indulgent cookie or something else!

Our Brands

Enjoy tasty, nourishing snacks that give you sustained energy for your day. Our wholesome, nut-free snacks contain quality ingredients, all-natural flavors and colors, no preservatives and apple. Apple? To add a hint of sweetness with as little refined sugar as possible, we include apple. Plus, Appleways snacks are Smart Snack approved, meeting or exceeding the USDA nutritional requirements for a one (1) ounce grain equivalent, and select snacks are CACFP compliant.

Snack different with bold flavors that surprise taste buds and have unbeatable versatility. Our Crave-N-Rave snacks are anything but ordinary and are made to wow you with satisfying flavors. Enjoy our twists on old favorites, offering you a unique taste experience.
Delicious treats individually wrapped for your enjoyment. Our Darlington brand includes timeless, soft-baked cookies, sugar-free cookies, and indulgent snaps and squares, primarily offered to healthcare facilities, catering centers, the military and restaurants.

Who We Serve

At Darlington Snacks, the tastes of our customers come first. That’s why we take the time to understand the flavor favorites, dietary needs and regulations in each of our markets.

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