As we’ve settled into a new year, we look forward to all of the possibilities ahead. When it comes to the food industry, that means a year of new flavor options and exploring different foods. Whether you’re a student needing some excitement in your daily lunches, or an adult needing a break from the monotony of your pantry, it’s safe to say that new and different flavors are much needed this year.

Flavorchem released a list of expected trends, based on market reports, recent product releases and social media buzz. Check out the flavor forecast for 2021.

  • Immunity Boost – It’s no surprise that the pandemic has influenced flavors geared towards health and wellness, including elderberry, hibiscus, ginger, turmeric and honey.
  • Breakfast – Learning and working from home has brought with it more familiar breakfast flavors, such as berries, cinnamon, maple, cocoa and matcha.
  • Spicy – Fiery flavors continue to trend, especially in the South, with forecasted favorites to include habanero, chamoy sauce, ghost pepper, chipotle and Nashville hot.
  • Taste Exploration – With cuisine fatigue hitting while stuck at home, adventurous flavors have become more popular, including birthday cake, salted caramel, churro, mochi, harissa and yuzu.
  • Sustainable/ethical – While not exactly flavors, two other areas to keep an eye on are plant-based protein and upcycled ingredients, meeting the demands of more sustainable and ethical products.

Did you see some of the latest Darlington flavors on that list? We’re constantly testing and evolving our products to meet the needs – and flavor preferences – of our customers. In fact, we offer three different brands to better cater to the markets we serve. Check out our Appleways products for wholesome options for students, our Darlington line for traditional favorites and our Crave-N-Rave products that bring a little more spice to the mix.